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As Top-Tier Google Premier Partners, Our Ads Expertise Helps You Cut Costs and Power Past the Competition

The data doesn’t lie. Sponsored ads work. But only if they are delivered effectively. Stop wasting money and losing opportunities by entrusting your Google Ads campaign to a team of Ads certified experts. Us.

As both shameless stats geeks and Google Ads Certified Professionals, our knowledge of the inner workings of Ads means we know what it takes to stay on top and keep those clicks coming. Our team have developed a unique Ads optimization methodology that will see your click-through and conversion rates soar.

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Using Digital Spotlight’s exclusive Ads Optimization System, you’ll:

  • Cut down wasted Ads spend and reduce costs by an average of 33%
  • Increase key lead and sale metrics on average by 83% (we’ve quadrupled sales for some of our clients)
  • Lower your cost per sale by an average of 23%

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Since 2004, we’ve worked on search campaigns for over 1,832 clients across seven countries


What makes our Ads strategy world-class?

  • We’ve been doing Ads longer than almost anyone – 16 years ago we were there at the infancy of digital search. Today, search is still 95% what we do.
  • We take the data and design focused campaigns that take advantage of Google Ads’ complete capabilities, cutting through the competition and minimizing the cost to you.
  • Importantly, both our company and our individual Ads certified managers and professionals are official Google Premier Partners. This gives us direct access to the highest tier of support offered by Google. We’re regularly invited by Google to test new products and features before they’re rolled out to the public. Google Ads is a constantly evolving platform, and continued success means staying up to date with the latest changes.
  • We develop detailed campaigns through our proprietary Ads optimization system, developed in-house and based around an exhaustive analysis of your objectives, target audience and market opportunities. These may include timings, seasonal and regional variations and your competition’s movements and activities.
  • Our scalable campaigns are continuously managed and refined, and all activity and conversions are traceable and reported.
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We Can Help You Achieve Outstanding Results in Ads Through:

  • A relentless focus on cutting down waste.
    We employ high-level strategies such as advanced bidding and account structuring to ensure you only pay for highly relevant and focused traffic.
  • Fanatical testing and tracking.
    We go way beyond the usual A/B split testing to watertight your ad copy and keyword combinations for quality, ranking and conversions
  • Complete commitment to your ROI (Return on Investment).
    We’ll implement the necessary tracking within your website, so you won’t have to guess where your inquiries are coming from.
  • Hand managing each campaign.
    Winning at Ads takes human understanding. We don’t leave your account to automated bidding and machines to determine your profits
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