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If you’re a dedicated e-commerce site, the benefits of partnering with Google Shopping are unparalleled. Statistics show that of all customers searching the internet:

  • 44% use a search engine to find product information
  • 55% are seeking and comparing product options online

Google Shopping’s Paid Product Placement (PPC) service means smaller businesses can compete with the big brands, if you market your products effectively.

Digital Spotlight specialize in Google Shopping strategies specifically to help small to medium-sized online retailers get a bigger slice of the market share.

We believe Google Shopping is perhaps the most effective digital advertising platform in terms of Return on Ad Spend (ROA).

Here’s how our e-commerce experts manage your Google Shopping campaign to ensure your products are seen by as big an audience as possible, while maximizing ROI for each one of your featured products.

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We analyze your competitors and capitalize on your strengths

What makes you different from the online retail giant, that potential customers might see as a bonus?

Perhaps your focus is on a limited selection of niche products, either from your own personal brand or independent designers. That exclusivity is your strength. Big retailers tend to sell a lot of the same mass-produced stuff, so if you have your own label, you won’t have any direct competition in terms of brand queries.

We utilize advanced Product Data Optimization

Google Shopping product data is the equivalent of search ad copy, so we optimize it to ensure maximum placement, performance and ROI. We generate unique details on your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) names, prices, descriptions and categories in order to drive visitors toward products you specifically want them to see.

As Google Premier Partners with official Google Ads training, this also gives us insider knowledge into the keywords, copy and product name listings that make Google Shopping work harder for you.

We structure your campaign effectively

Digital Spotlight categorize and structure your PLAs to make sure they are seen by the people who are most likely to buy. Our strategy segments your campaigns into multiple ad groups and product groups, so that the groups likely to achieve the highest returns are given a bigger slice of the budget.

We also use strategic bidding practices to ensure your products appear in the right places at the right times, so interested shoppers drive sales directly through to your website.

We consistently monitor your campaign’s performance

We continually monitor, improve and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns to ensure you’re achieving maximum ROI. As the Google Shopping platform constantly shifts and adapts, we make sure your product listings remain easily accessible to your most important customers.

Because we are certified Google Premium Partners who specialize in optimizing Google Products for the e-commerce sphere, we have access to a dedicated Google Agency Team who keep across any updates, changes and enhancements to the Google Shopping platform, effectively keeping you one step ahead of the competition, always.

Why Entrust Us with Your Google Shopping Campaign?

Make your Product Listings stand out with our Google Shopping Campaigns, and like all our paid products, you will receive the benefit of:

  • 100% Transparency on Costs – Unlike many agencies that charge you one flat fee for their services, without revealing what their real fees are separate from your expenses with Google, your monthly spend will be completely transparent. Your bill is broken down into what your actual fees and payments are to Google, and our monthly management and admin costs.
  • Full Ownership of Your Account – We work out of your own business account, 100% owned and controlled by you. If you don’t have your own Ads account, we’ll create one for you (and you’ll get to keep it even if you cancel with us). You will always be able to log in 24/7 and see how your campaign is progressing. If you decide to cancel, you take all you’re vitally important Google historical data with you. We don’t believe in holding our clients to ransom.
  • Total Freedom to Cancel Anytime – Our services are designed to give you complete freedom. They are designed to minimize your risks while trying to maximize your upside. You will always be free to cancel at any time, and for any reason.
  • Flat, Upfront Pricing* – Unless you have an enterprise level budget (requiring a fully customized solution and sole dedicated team), you’ll enjoy flat, upfront pricing. We’ll help you plan and budget a campaign that is all-inclusive, no hidden charges in sight.
  • A free audit that allows you to implement and assess finely predicted results – the proof will be in our ability to demonstrate results before they start. If we genuinely don’t believe we can improve your site’s performance cost-effectively – we’ll tell you immediately. As a data-driven company, we never research on paying clients!

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