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Why Digital Spotlight?

Because online marketing is now an essential part of every business, there are countless digital marketing agencies promising to boost your sales and bottom line.

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Choosing the right agency can be overwhelming.


Here are a few of the reasons why we believe you should choose us:

  • No lock-in contracts.

    We understand our ability to keep you as a client depends on how successful we are in achieving your objectives. We deliver clearly measurable results. If you don’t feel you’re getting the return you’re after, you’re free to seek out other solutions.

  • No obligation, pitch-free consultation.

    The first time you contact us to assess your current business strategy, we provide a no obligation, pitch free consultation with one of our Senior Account Directors. We’ll diagnose your current marketing plan’s performance and show you exactly what we can do to improve. We’ll present a thorough demonstration on the ways we can improve your campaign, before you pay a cent. If we don’t believe we can make genuine, cost-effective improvements, we provide you with our honest opinion.

  • We’re in it for the long game.

    Even businesses at the very top can disappear in an instant if their digital marketing strategy isn’t properly managed and maintained. Our campaigns come with an in-built defence strategy to protect your positions once we’ve achieved them. We alter our strategy constantly based on search algorithm updates, current research and consumer trends, new marketing opportunities and the changing needs of your business.

  • We’re transparent.

    We offer total transparency with your marketing results and budgets. We provide you with full control of your accounts and detailed spend and results reporting, so you know exactly where your money is going.

  • We know your market.

    We prioritize positionings in Google and Facebook which are highly correlated to users who are looking to make a purchasing decision. We constantly research online search behavior so you connect instantly with customers who are ready to buy.
    We operate on the premise, proven by us (based on existing client data), that there is a 92% chance we can increase your profits while decreasing ad spend.

  • We’re experienced.

    You’ll be strategically guided by a team who continue to generate multi-millions of dollars in business for their clients every year. Our principals have a combined 28 years of sales and online marketing experience.

  • We’ve got a unique skill-set.

    We’re not just business and marketing experts, we’re data nerds too. Few digital marketing agencies are as data-driven and research and development oriented as our team. Both our principals excelled in college level statistics and mathematics, so everything we do is data-driven.

  • High performance at a low cost.

    We strive to deliver the highest level of performance at the lowest possible cost to you. Costs for services like Google Ads and Facebook Ads are always on the increase. We counteract this through our proprietary system of optimization. These efforts have the effect of lowering your Cost Per Click (CPC) while simultaneously gaining higher ad positions.

  • Expect us to work closely with you.

    We like to perform as part of your marketing department rather than a third-party agency. It’s extremely important to us that you fully comprehend what you’re paying for and the tangible value you are receiving.

We Are Google Premier Partners

We’ve built our reputation through assisting countless clients reach the top of their industry through Google.

We are official Google Premier Partners, which means our search marketing experts have demonstrated a high level of skill and expertise in Ads and Ads for eCommerce. We have also met Google’s spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth and sustained and expanded our client base.

Our team receive training through Google’s development programs and are among the first to test new products and features before they’re rolled out to the public.

What that means for our clients is the delivery of Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns that use the latest intel to outperform the competition.

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