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Google Display Network

This Ad Network Reaches 90% of
Web Users And Your Competition
Has Totally Overlooked It

Want To Put Ads, Videos And Animations In Front Of Your Audience For a Fraction of the Usual CPC?

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Everybody knows about Google Ads. Someone searches, they see your ad, they click. It costs you, sometimes a lot. But what about the millions of people who could use your product or service but who aren’t searching? How do you reach them for a fraction of the cost per click of Google Ads?

Google has a brilliant answer, but there’s a catch. First, we’ll tell you the answer, then we’ll reveal the catch. Then we’ll show you how you can turn it all to your competitive advantage.

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Have Your Campaign
Fine-Tuned By Google-
Trained Mathematicians

We’re Google Premier Partners — the highest level of partnership Google offers. To get there, you have to be Google-certified and have the fastest client growth and the highest client-retention rates. And you have to maintain all these three things. In return, we get access to features early, so we can use them before anyone else to give you an edge. And we get hotline access to Google to troubleshoot anything on your account.

We’re also mathematicians.

These two things mean that Google tells us what it’s thinking and we understand what it’s telling us.

Talk To Customers Before They’re On Your Competitors’ Radar

Costs per click on the Google Display Network are a fraction of the costs of Google Ads. And where Google Ads reach people when they’re searching for a solution, GDN ads reach people when they have a problem.

That means you can introduce yourself and pull leads into your funnel before they’re even a blip on your competitors’ radars.

Build On Research

Your ads could potentially run on millions of sites and reach about 90% of the world’s web users. That’s one way to blow a budget. What we do is refine that potential audience right down so we’re hitting your target audience.

We research who they are, where they’re going online and where they’re most likely to click on your ads. And we constantly refine that once your ads are in the field and we’ve moved from hypothesis to hard data. That way, you’ll see your conversion rates climb to optimum.

Optimize Your Ads

Once we know where your audience is, we can test what messages and offers they’re most responsive to and in what format. We’ll test and refine, test and refine until we’ve got exactly the right ads for every context, including different devices and different websites.

The range of variables is intense; this is marketing meets math, which is why an agency run by mathematicians offers you the perfect people to sort, record and refine your campaigns.

Intense Focus

If you’ve tried Google Display Network advertising yourself or with another agency, you’ll know easy it is to spend your budget and how hard it is to work out what it went on.

We have the experience with Google Display advertising and the intense focus you can only get from people who chose to study numbers right through university, the same kind of people who built the network.

With us driving your campaigns, you’ll know exactly where your clicks are coming from, while your competitors wonder where their leads have gone.

Why have 1,812 Clients (So Far) Trusted Us With Their Paid Campaigns?

We Are Completely Transparent

Many agencies charge a single fee, so you can’t be sure how much is going to the agency and how much is actually going on showing your ads to customers. Our bills are itemized and you’ll pay Google directly, so you know exactly how much is going on displaying your ads.

We Work Through Your Account

You’ll set up (or we’ll set up for you) an account that is owned by you. We will have your delegated authority to operate through that account, but if we stop working together you’ll have all your data intact. And while we’re working together, you can log in at any time to see exactly what we’re doing.

No Lock-In Contracts

Our clients stay with us because we’re producing results, not because of the paperwork.

Flat Pricing

You pay one flat fee that’s all-inclusive, so you know upfront exactly what you’ll be paying. And as your clicks go up, your fee doesn’t. (The only exception is if you have an enterprise-level budget that requires a customized solution and a dedicated team.)

Want A Pitch-Free Consultation With An Expert?

Nobody does more consulting upfront than we do. We work only for clients we know we can help, so we don’t pitch anything until we’ve listened and talked about what’s realistic.

If you want a no-pitch consultation with an expert about whether the Google Display Network is right for your business, let’s talk about it.

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    Sacha Henry, Marketing Executive 4mation
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    Sean Hearsee, Managing Director Sage Painting

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