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The Google Display Network (GDN) is essentially a way of displaying your ads on external websites or inside apps. Because a Display Network campaign is more ‘passive’ compared to an Ads search campaign, where the user is actively searching for something related to your business, it requires a completely different strategy.

And, seeing Display Network advertising is much cheaper than Ads, many businesses find it’s a cost-effective supporting strategy to run in parallel with their search campaign.

Why Google Display Network (GDN) and not just Search?

Well, there are many reasons, but here are just a few:

  • GDN can trigger awareness of your brand in people who have otherwise simply never discovered it.
  • GDN has the potential to reach millions of web users on an unparalleled scale – with GDN you can advertise on YouTube, Gmail, news outlets, blogs, mobile apps and much more.
  • GDN reaches 90% of web users worldwide including 94% of all US web users, and 89% of all smartphone users.
  • You can display your ads in the places your target audience spends the most time.
  • Take advantage of Contextual targeting – show your ads in the right place, by matching the content of your ads with the content of websites.
  • Enjoy the benefits of visually engaging advertising – from banners and flashy offers to interactive ads and sophisticated videos, your GDN ads can be endlessly customized to grab audience attention.
  • Regain ‘lost’ customers through remarketing on the Display Network (learn about our specialized Remarketing services here)

How we make GDN work harder
and return remarkable results

Expert level customization by Google Premier Partners

Much more complex than Ads, with so many advanced tools for customization, creating a precision-tuned GDN campaign requires technical experience and an acquired depth-of-knowledge.

  • As Google Premier Partners, our expert team receives direct training from Google on the latest features and developments.
  • We have access to a dedicated Google account agency rep who provides in-depth insights into GDN’s latest developments and enhancements. This is especially important when it comes to Google Display Network, which is one of the most advanced and dynamic Google products available.
  • With constant training and the ability to test new features before they’re rolled out, we’re able to continually enhance your Google Display Network ads for performance and customize your targeting features on a peerless scale.

In-depth research on your target audience

In order to truly engage with your target audience, we dig deep to find out exactly who you’re trying to convert – examining their demographics, the sites they visit and their online behaviors

Ad placement, message and visual optimization

Once we’ve built a strategy around a detailed profile of your target audience, we structure a general ad or offer, optimized for maximum visibility, brand engagement and lead generation. Multiple versions of your ads can be created for different websites.

Analysis, reporting and ongoing development

Once you’re up and running, all your ads are continually monitored and compared against each other for performance, so we can see exactly what makes some ads work better than others. Where areas for improvement are noted, your ads are optimized accordingly. We’ll update you regularly with comprehensive reports and detailed analytics so you know how your campaign is working, generating sales and delivering value.

Hand-managed, fanatically tested and tracked campaigns that unlock advanced level ROI

We employ only highly focused, carefully structured strategies that eradicate irrelevant ads from your campaign and cut down every inch of wasted spending.

We’re a 100% data-driven engine who are obsessively thorough about implementing all the necessary research, testing and tracking so you know exactly where your clicks and inquiries are coming from, channeling more traffic into these tunnels and eliminating ‘dead ends’. Every campaign is hand managed and nothing left to automation to determine where your customers and profits are.

Why Entrust Us with Your Google Display Network Campaign?

An extensive Google Display Network Campaign demands some of the highest up-front fees of any Google Advertising service, simply because it has the broadest reach of any Google product. It’s therefore vital that you employ a high performing GDN strategy that will start delivering ROI almost immediately.

Entrust us with your GDN Campaign, and like all our paid products, you will receives the benefit of:

  • 100% Transparency on Costs – Unlike many agencies that charge you one flat fee for their services, without revealing what their real fees are separate from your expenses with Google, your monthly spend will be completely transparent. Your bill is broken down into what your actual fees and payments are to Google, and our monthly management and admin costs.
  • Full Ownership of Your Account – We work out of your own business account, 100% owned and controlled by you. If you don’t have your own Ads account, we’ll create one for you (and you’ll get to keep it even if you cancel with us). You will always be able to log in 24/7 and see how your campaign is progressing. If you decide to cancel, you take all you’re vitally important Google historical data with you. We don’t believe in holding our clients to ransom.
  • Total Freedom to Cancel Anytime – Our services are designed to give you complete freedom. They are designed to minimize your risks while trying to maximize your upside. You will always be free to cancel at any time, and for any reason.
  • Flat, Upfront Pricing* – Unless you have an enterprise level budget (requiring a fully customized solution and sole dedicated team), you’ll enjoy flat, upfront pricing. We’ll help you plan and budget a campaign that is all-inclusive, no hidden charges in sight.
  • A free audit that allows you to implement and assess finely predicted results – the proof will be in our ability to demonstrate results before they start

Display your ads where your customers are

Reach out to our consultants today to see how Google Display Network can work for you. No big sell, no obligation. Just actionable insights.

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