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Take advantage of the Search Engine Growing Faster Than Google – Boost Your Visibility with Bing

Many businesses pour virtually all their PPC advertising resources into Google. But did you know that Bing, which also provides pay-per-click advertising services, is growing rapidly in popularity?

In fact, if you’re not utilizing Bing Ads, you’re potentially ignoring 33% of the market share in the US, and around 9% globally. That represents 5 billion searches a month in the US alone. So, if you’re not advertising on Bing – you should be!

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What are the advantages of Bing Ads over Google Ads?

Bing is less competitive, meaning high performance at a lower price

Sure, Bing is still significantly smaller than the next biggest search engine, but you pay accordingly. With fewer of your competitors on Bing driving up the cost of keywords, Bing Ads CPCs typically cost 30% to 40% less than Google – with some clients even finding differences of up to 50%.

The other great advantage is that you’re not competing for space with so many competitors. This means naturally higher ad positions, with some market research studies demonstrating significantly higher conversion rates from Bing compared to Google.

So, managed correctly, a Bing Ads campaign has the potential to deliver a much stronger ROI all round.
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Bing is getting bigger

Microsoft’s Bing platform is steadily increasing its year-over-year growth and is continually innovating and adapting to increase its market share. So, it might be wise to get a jump on your competitors and not leave all your eggs in the Google Basket.

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How we get results through Bing Ads Management?
Simply put, we utilize strategies optimized for Bing

  • Only a few digital marketing companies have dedicated Bing Ads Management services and Bing Ads experts who specialize in the getting maximum results out of Bing’s platform.
  • While some account managers will simply import your Ads Account into Bing and leave it at that, you simply won’t be set up to take full advantage of the uniquely customizable environment and advanced targeting features distinct to Bing.
  • With our background in advanced statistics and a belief in being 100% research and data driven, nothing is left to guess work. We apply the harvest data on your demographics, competitors and search terms to build a cost-effective Bing Ads campaign tailored to reach customers who are most likely to convert.
  • Just like our Google services, your Bing Ads campaigns are hand managed, monitored and refined for continually improved performance. Focusing on your ROI, we’ll implement all the necessary tracking so you know exactly where your leads are coming from.
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Why Entrust Us with Your Bing Ads Campaign?

Just like our Google campaigns, we guarantee delivery of the same level of customer care, freedom transparency. As in all our paid products, with a Digital Spotlight Bing campaign, you’ll receive:
  • 100% Transparency on Costs - Unlike many agencies that charge you one flat fee for their services, without revealing what their real fees are separate from your expenses with Bing, your monthly spend will be completely transparent. Your bill is broken down into what your actual fees and payments are to Bing, and our monthly management and admin costs.
  • Full Ownership of Your Account - We work out of your own business account, 100% owned and controlled by you. If you don't have your own Ads account, we'll create one for you (and you’ll get to keep it even if you cancel with us). You will always be able to log in 24/7 and see how your campaign is progressing. If you decide to cancel, you take all you’re vitally important Bing historical data with you. We don't believe in holding our clients to ransom.
  • Total Freedom to Cancel Anytime - Our services are designed to give you complete freedom. They are designed to minimize your risks while trying to maximize your upside. You will always be free to cancel at any time, and for any reason.
  • Flat, Upfront Pricing* - Unless you have an enterprise level budget (requiring a fully customized solution and sole dedicated team), you'll enjoy flat, upfront pricing. We'll help you plan and budget a campaign that is all-inclusive, no hidden charges in sight.
  • A free audit that allows you to implement and assess finely predicted results - the proof will be in our ability to demonstrate results before they start.
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Get a head-start with Bing Ads

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