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Google Remarketing

Don’t let valuable leads slip through the net

Not everyone who discovers your brand or visits your site is going to make a purchase (or sign up to your service) the very first time.

Whether they’re shopping around, or just need more time to decide, what you need is the ability to keep communicating with them even after they’ve moved elsewhere.

That’s what makes Google’s Remarketing Services so powerful. You already know a visitor has a potential interest in what you’re offering. Remarketing allows you to sustain their interest, and keep your brand or product top of mind, days, weeks or even months after they’ve left your website.

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Why remarketing is an essential addition to your Ads Campaign.

Get maximum leverage out of the traffic you drive.

With all the money and effort you spend getting people to visit your site, you want to maximize the potential value you get out of every visit, even if that visit doesn’t instantly turn into a sale (which on average, only happens to about 2% of visits to e-commerce sites).

Timing is everything.

Only a small proportion of your visitors will have their credit cards in hand, ready to buy. Remarketing ad campaigns keep you in touch with visitors who are still in the decision-making or research phase by creating additional brand touchpoints in the days, weeks and months after leaving your site.

Remarketing is amazingly simple and cost-effective

Once set up, remarketing campaigns only require minimal maintenance – tweaks such as periodically refreshing your artwork. Considering how effective it is at promoting brand awareness, the ongoing costs of remarketing are minimal.

How we create world-dominating remarketing campaigns

Digital Spotlight’s Google Remarketing Specialists apply a range of different strategies to create high-visibility campaigns all about outperforming the competition.

  • We analyze the behavior of all traffic to your online site to create detailed profiles of different types of users and their interests.
  • We then create precision-targeted ad campaigns designed to specifically appeal to a variety of audiences who are already receptive to your brand or products.
  • Next, we determine which websites within the Google Display Network your ads should be shown, ensuring optimal conversion rates and precise control over where your advertising dollars are spent

Why entrust us with your Google Remarketing campaign?

Let us manage your Google Remarketing Campaign, and like all our paid products, you will receive the benefit of:

  • 100% Transparency on Costs – Unlike many agencies that charge you one flat fee for their services, without revealing what their real fees are separate from your expenses with Google, your monthly spend will be completely transparent. Your bill is broken down into what your actual fees and payments are to Google, and our monthly management and admin costs.
  • Full Ownership of Your Account – We work out of your own business account, 100% owned and controlled by you. If you don’t have your own Ads account, we’ll create one for you (and you’ll get to keep it even if you cancel with us). You will always be able to log in 24/7 and see how your campaign is progressing. If you decide to cancel, you take all you’re vitally important Google historical data with you. We don’t believe in holding our clients to ransom.
  • Total Freedom to Cancel Anytime – Our services are designed to give you complete freedom. They are designed to minimize your risks while trying to maximize your upside. You will always be free to cancel at any time, and for any reason.
  • Flat, Upfront Pricing* – Unless you have an enterprise level budget (requiring a fully customized solution and sole dedicated team), you’ll enjoy flat, upfront pricing. We’ll help you plan and budget a campaign that is all-inclusive, no hidden charges in sight.
  • A free audit that allows you to implement and assess finely predicted results – the proof will be in our ability to demonstrate results before they start. If we genuinely don’t believe we can improve your site’s performance cost-effectively – we’ll tell you immediately. As a data-driven company, we never research on paying clients!

Keep your brand top of mind

Showcase your brand to those that have already browsed your website. Reach out to our consultants today to find out how. No big sell, no obligation. Just actionable insights.

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