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AMS Clinics

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

🚀 Ever wondered how an aesthetic plastic surgery clinic in Brisbane, Australia, skyrocketed their digital presence with numbers that'll make your jaw drop? Buckle up, because we’re about to spill the beans on AMS Clinics staggering 443% leap into Google's top 3 📈

Services provided: AdsSEO

🔍Spotlight on AMS:

Picture this: Dr. Alam, a globally acclaimed surgeon, pouring his heart and soul into offering top-tier FUE Hair Transplant surgery. But wait, it’s not just about snipping and stitching; it’s about a world-class team that makes those high-end western clinics look like child’s play.

📊 By the Numbers:

So, what’s the big deal, you ask? Hold onto your hats, because these numbers are about to blow your mind:

Google rankings? Up by a whopping 443%!

Google Ads conversions? A jaw-dropping 198% boost!

Conversion rate? Up by 62% – talk about striking gold!

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Now, let’s talk about their digital glow-up. These guys weren’t just playing in the minor leagues; they were practically ghosts online. Invisible. Nada. 

That is, until they rang us up five years back. They were desperate for some of that digital fairy dust their last agency couldn’t find with a map and compass.


🔮 Our Digital Strategy:

Our game plan? No magic wands or keyword confetti. We got down to business, slicing through the competition, and chopped their cost per lead like a hot knife through butter.


🚀 Today in Doc's World:

Fast forward, and BAM! AMS Clinics isn’t just on the map; they’re leading the parade, popping up new clinics like popping corn.

💡 SEO Breakdown:

The nitty-gritty? SEO stats that’ll make you do a double-take:

Top 100 rankings? Up by 72%

Top 10? Skyrocketed by 229%

And the top 3? A whopping 443% increase!

Keywords Ranking:

🌟 Google Ads Analysis:

And it’s not just SEO fireworks. Their Google Ads? A total glow-up!

Clicks shot up by 84%

CTR jumped a crazy 351%

Average CPC down by 38%

Conversions? A jaw-dropping 198% up!

These guys are now so booked, they’re turning away patients like bouncers at a VIP club.

And the cherry on top? 

Their click-through rate went from “meh” to “WOW” with a 351% increase. 

Cost per click? Down by 38%. 

Their conversion cost took a nosedive too, dropping by 62%.

🌐 Your Digital Revolution Awaits:

In short, AMS Clinics is not just winning; they’re leading the pack. They went from zero to hero, all thanks to a bit of digital wizardry. And hey, if you’re itching to see how your clinic can get a piece of this action, give us a buzz. We’re all about honest, no-pitch chit-chats on how to make your digital presence sizzle.

Thinking, “Is this possible for my clinic?” Absolutely. AMS Clinics isn’t just a success story; it’s a roadmap for digital triumph in the healthcare sector.

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