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To cut down on wasted spending and ensure your Facebook ads are as targeted as possible requires a finely tuned campaign, specialized tools and insider knowledge.

Using a combination of Facebook’s advanced features and Digital Spotlight’s unique audience analysis system, we’ve been able to deliver our clients huge boosts in leads and sales. Among many of our clients, Facebook ads have delivered some of the greatest conversion to cost ratios in comparison to any other advertising method.

Generate Sales, not Just Likes

Facebook can be an incredibly effective platform not only for growing brand awareness, but in straight-up leads and sales generation. What makes Facebook advertising so revolutionary is its ability to collect an incredible amount of data on your target demographic. This data can then be harnessed to create highly relevant advertising that’s only visible to your ideal customer base.

With the right tools at your fingertips, the options for fine-tuned targeting are endless. Our cutting-edge audience analysis process is designed to leverage this data even further, using extreme segmentation and Facebook’s demographic and psychographic audience targeting.

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  • Gain access to an extensive data set and best practices for increasing ROI on both lead generation and e- commerce campaigns
  • Implement Advanced Facebook Retargeting that show tailored ads to users based on their browsing behavior on your site (great for those who visited your site but didn’t convert into a lead or sale, as well as up-sells and cross sells)
  • Supplement your e-mail marketing by advertising to your email list members on their Facebook pages.
  • Increase your branding and touch points by showing your ads to your ideal audience member’s personal Facebook pages and mobile apps
  • Clone your most valuable customers and create a highly targeted campaign, only marketing to users with similar demographic profiles
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